Next level inventory management.

QuickStock is a business-to-business warehouse management system with integrated webshop environments. Not only does QuickStock make managing your inventories easy, it also allows you to create a webshop environment, with a click of a button.

Empower your users. Increase customer satisfaction.

QuickStock offers your users a webshop interface for ordering your products. This webshop is fully integrated into the QuickStock warehouse manager, and automatically updates your stock with every order that is made.

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Save time. Make money.

QuickStock automates most of your time-consuming paperwork tasks. Not only by automating stock mutations based on end-user orders, but also by keeping track of all the paperwork for you!

By letting QuickStock automate your administrative tasks, you have more time for your core activities!

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Mobile compatible. For a mobile world.

The QuickStock software works in all modern browser, and is fully compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This allows you to manage your inventory from anywhere, and your customers to order from anywhere!

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Simple pricing. €195 per license.

QuickStock is priced using a license model. Every company that wants to offer their products pays a flat rate of €195 (ex. VAT) per customer company per month. This allows you to scale up as your company grows, and prevents you from paying too much!

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Interested? Contact us!

If you think QuickStock might be for you or want a demo, don't hesitate to send us a mail at sales@quickstock.nl.

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